Music Theory

Gaining a good understanding of music theory is essential to becoming a competent and creative musician. Music theory is taught by Frances Jenkins MA BA (Hons.) often within piano or vocal lessons as part of the routine.

However, if your child is not receiving adequate coaching in music theory tuition at school as part of their instrumental lesson or has to urgently  get the ABRSM Grade 5 pass in order to qualify for Grade 6 practical exams then we can definitely help.

Music theory is best taught in a group situation so we encourage students to get a group of at least 3 friends and/or siblings to attend at the same time. Music Theory is taught at the following times: –


Grades 1 – 3:    10.00 am – 11:55 am

Grades 4 – 5:    11.00 am – 11.55 am

Grades 6 – 8:    12.00pm – 12.55pm

Classes need to have a minimum of 3 students, maximum of 6. Charge for the hour £10.

Note that students will need to purchase the following books to join the group

Grades 1 – 3:  AB Guide to Music Theory Book 1, Music Theory in Practice Grades 1, 2 & 3

Grades 4 – 5: AB Guide to Music Theory Book 1 & 2

Grades 6 – 8: AB Guide to Music Theory Book 1 & 2, Music Theory in Practice Grade 6, 7 & 8



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