Computer Music

Do you have loads of recording ideas but no music production skills? Do you know your Ableton from your Cubase, your Reaper from your Logic?

Music production software can be horrendously difficult to master. One needs the patience to learn the science of sound as well as the skills to manipulate beats and tones into something that sounds coherent. For an easy structured start to becoming a music producer , book one of our intensive one day  music production courses.

Taffs Well Music Studio Set up, DJ, Numark, Speakers, Studio, Keyboard, DJ Controller
Taffs Well Music Studio Set up

You will receive an intensive 8 hour course with Benjamin Jenkins. Ben has ten years of sound design experience, and has created a library of sounds that have been played on national radio and are available for commercial exploitation.

Students can receive weekly or bi weekly production courses for £24 an hour.

Alternatively, we offer the following  intensive one day courses:

Computer Music for the Beginner Part 1 & 2

Computer Music Advanced Skills Part 1 & 2

Electronic Dance Music Production using Ableton 9

Courses are taught on Sundays and are £150 for one person or £80 each for two people. Lunch and refreshments will be provided as well as all learning materials and details of free music technology softwares for your PC, Mac or Linux operating system. If you have a laptop please bring it to the lesson. To book please fill in the contact form below, courses need to be paid for in advance.


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